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TASA and the MPA: What you need to know!

If you are having a film rated by the Classification and Rating Administration (CARA), your trailer must be submitted to the MPA's Advertising Administration for approval. All trailers approved by the MPA must comply and adhere to the TASA standard.

Specifically, the MPA must receive a "TASA Certificate" from an "Independent Audio Engineering Firm." This certificate verifies that your trailer does not exceed the TASA Volume Limit in effect at the time of your sound mix.

The TASA Upper Volume Limit is subject to change, and may be refined periodically by the MPA studios in concert with the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO). It is extremely important, therefore, to double check the current limit before you mix.

For more information about the regulations and guidelines for trailers advertising films rated by the Classification and Rating Administration, please contact the MPA's Advertising Administration at (818) 995-6600.