What is TASA?
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The TASA process for trailer finishers.
The TASA process for Digital Cinema trailers.
TASA Certified Independent Audio Engineering Firms.
What is "Leqm"?
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How effective is TASA?
Who do I talk to at the MPA about trailers?
What about commercials in theatres?
Who are we?
TASA History.
The TASA Standard - Technical Document.

Who are we?

The TASA Committee is an ad hoc committee comprised of the current trailer finishers at all the studios, as well as representatives from NATO, the MPA, and the Digital Sound Format Companies such as Dolby, DTS, and SDDS. The Chairperson of the TASA Committee is Marilyn Gordon from the MPA. The TASA Technical Committee is a subdivision of the TASA Committee and is chaired by Ioan Allen of Dolby Laboratories.